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Implants, Dentures & Extractions


Keeping your teeth is our first priority, however, there are times when it is necessary to remove a tooth.  We also provide other surgical procedures as needed.   We can arrange an appointment in our office, where our goal is providing all procedures in a comfortable and caring manner.  Sometimes, we will refer you to one of our preferred oral surgical specialists.


When a tooth is lost from extraction, the bone that held it in place will resorb significantly.  When in place, implants give the bone a reason to stay.

Dental implants - components

Dental Implant components

You can have a dental implant to replace one or more teeth or to hold a denture firmly. An implant is a titanium post gently placed in the bone after anesthesia.  Patients are often surprised at how comfortable the procedure is.

For a single tooth, a crown is attached to the implant by a tiny screw.  There are situations where this cannot be done, so the crown is cemented to the implant post.

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A denture can be held in place by 2 or more implants.   More implants will reduce the movement or displacement of the denture during function, such as speaking and eating.  There are many solutions that can be provided using dental implants.


Both partial and complete dentures are provided at our clinic.  Materials used vary depending on the type of denture that the patient desires.  Flexible partial dentures are a popular choice for many of our patients due to increased retention and increased comfort.  Our ultimate goal is to provide tooth replacement with optimal esthetics and function that is attainable for a specific patient.  If you currently wear a denture that does not retain well, it may be possible to add implants and convert the denture to attach to the new implants, thus improving the retention.

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