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Kids Corner

Dental Fun – Just for Kids!

Dr. Simpson welcomes children of all ages at Lake Loon Family Dentistry. We like to make your dental visit fun.

Make a book or puppet, play a game, watch a video or do an experiment!


Dental Visit - Girl

Dental Visit – Girl

First Dental Visit - Boy

First Dental Visit – Boy

Dental Crossword for Young Child

Dental Crossword for Younger Kids

Dental crossword for older kids

Dental Crossword for Older Kids

Hidden Dental Words game

Hidden Dental Words

Unscramble Dental Words

Unscramble the Dental Words

Find the Toothbrush

Find the Toothbrush

Toothbrushing Chart

Brushing Chart

Make a Tooth Puppet!

Make a Tooth Puppet!

The Eggsperiment

The Eggsperiment



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