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Insurance Information & Our Financial Policy

General Information

As a courtesy to our patients, we provide electronic claim submission to most insurance plans.  We will accept insurance payments on your behalf for patients whose insurance will allow assignment of payment to the dentist, and will allow electronic claim submission.  Any balance not paid by your insurance is due the day the service is provided.

Financial assistance is available through Dentalcard, where Dr. Carol Simpson is a registered provider.

Application or inquiries can be made online at:

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Insurance Information

Electronic submission of your dental claim will return a response.  There are 2 types:  the preferred response is an EOB (explanation of benefits), which informs us how much your insurance company will pay.  The other type of response that the insurance company may respond with is an ACK (acknowledgement), which informs our office that the insurance company has received the claim.  The insurance has not provided any payment information, so we will not know if your claim will be covered or not.  If we receive an acknowledgement, we may estimate your portion based on previous experience/coverage.  If we do not have previous experience with your insurance policy (through you or another member of our patient family), then we ask for a deposit of 20%, which will be promptly refunded if your insurance covers your claim.

Due to recent changes in privacy laws, insurance carriers no longer provide coverage information to dental providers.  However, we will try to assist you as much as we can regarding financial information about your dental insurance.  Our computer software can keep track of your insurance if you are able to give us some details.  Over time, we are able to obtain additional information about your individual insurance, which is entered into your electronic chart.  This in turn, will help you to know what you have available for dental coverage.

Please know your insurance policy

You can call your insurance provider or read your coverage information booklet.  You may bring your booklet to us and we will try to help you.  We are happy to clarify information that you have received from your insurance regarding your dental coverage.

Plans can and do change occasionally and your insurance company will not inform us.  Your insurance plan is an agreement between you, your employer and the insurance carrier.  Ultimately, the patient (or parent/guardian) is responsible for all fees for services rendered.

There are thousands of plans provided by hundreds of insurance carriers, so we cannot know about individual plans.  We always send predetermination estimates to your insurance for major treatment (dentures, implants, crowns, bridges, etc.) so that you will know approximately how much you are eligible for.

Our office focuses on prevention of dental problems, with a goal of keeping your teeth for life, while reducing the financial burden associated with tooth replacement.

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